Whats New at Medicaid In The Schools

Please follow one of the links below for more information.

  • 2012 MITS Summit Presentations - Below are the presentations that we have received so far (from the Summit).  As we get more, we will add them.
Keynote Presentation  - Dr. Cooper
Springdale Health Center Presentation  - Mary Miller and others
Pre-Conference I  - Reina Farley
Pre-Conference II  - Lydia Robeson
Pre-Conference III  - Tony Boaz
MITS Session  - Tony Boaz
MITS Billing Program  - Jeanie Donaldson
Transition Presentation  - Bonnie Boaz
Personal Care Training  - Dana Bennett
ARMAC Update  - Farley and Roberson
SLP Consultant Presentation  - Nicole Guenther
Audiology Presentation  - Donna Smiley
  • The wait is over.  If you have been waiting to file Medicaid claims but have not been able to because the student in question has Blue Cross Blue Shield, then your day has come.  In order to do this, you must submit a paper claim for the reimbursement and send in a copy of the BCBS letter.  All of this information is on our website under the Resources/Forms/Updates section.

  • Therapy Provider Link - Instructions to link a therapists provider number to their NPI number.

  • MITS Outreach - ARMAC: Keys to Success - click here if you would like to learn more about ARMAC Coordinator keys to being successful with the ARMAC process.  The powerpoint for the presentation is available here, if you do not want to view the Outreach session.

  • MITS Therapy Resource - click here for your therapy "cheat sheet". Includes information based on the November 1, 2010 therapy regulation changes.

  • MITS Outreach - Personal Care Outreach Session - click here if you would like to learn more about getting paid for providing personal care services (16 minutes).

  • QSource Training for new therapy regulations -pdf
    Click on the link above to receive information about the November 9th teleconference trainings.  There will be one in the morning and a repeat session in the afternoon.  This is very important information for therapists and billing clerks. Click on this link to receive the QSource Q and A Information Sheet related to the new regulations. 
  • MITS Outreach - ARMAC Outreach (October 2010) - click here if you would like to listen to the resource.  Keep in mind that this is not a training or a refresher, but a way for us to give out new, pertinent information (22 Minutes).

  • ValueOptions Contact Information - http://arkansas.valueoptions.com
    In Arkansas, ValueOptions serves as the Administrative Services Organziation, responsible for assisting the State of Arkansas Department of Human Services Division of Medical Services in administering the state's mental health care delivery system.
  • Personal Care Factsheet - pdf
  • Personal Care Companion - Contact the MITS office at 1-866-280-8300, option 2 if you are interested in receiving this information which covers everything you need to know about providing and billing for personal care services.
  • School Based Mental Health Factsheet - pdf
  • Therapy Medicaid Number Changes - pdf
  • QSource Reconsideration Letter - pdf