School Based Health Centers (SBHC)

School-Based Health Centers (SBHC) provide basic physical, mental, dental or other services as needed. The health center provides services beyond the scope of the school nurse practice and is not intended to replace the school nurse. The school-based health center is required to maintain a working relationship with the physician of a child's medical home, to ensure that individual patient health plans are executed effectively and efficiently. Students can apply for ARKids and local resources connected to the health center for students and family convenience. The intent is for the center to act as a resource center for wellness and prevention. 

To keep updated on grant dates and changes, please visit their website at: 

Check out where the State School Based Health Centers are located by clicking on the link below:

2016 SY School Based Health Center Map - pdf 


For more information, please contact:

Tracy Starks, Student Health Advisor

1.501.681.6087 (Mobile)

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